Adventure Island Genesis NFT is a collection of 1534 unique, hand painted, pixelate artwork built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT consists of an alien from different planets with their companion mounts from Hakuna. An agreement was reached between the outsider alien and their mounts and collectively they became Warriors. Their ultimate goal is to breach the barrier of the sacred Ki’e Ki’e tree to obtain the princess’s heart and magical powers.

Adventure Island is a NFT collection in it’s very own Metaverse.

Every NFT represents a unique Warrior that lives on Adventure Island. There will be no Warrior with the same outfit and partner, making all ofthem special. Warriors have a strong bond with each other despite living dif ferent lives. They spend their days meme-ing, trolling, making fun of each other in this wonderful space. Still, the collective Warrior consensus is to build a strong NFT community by gathering every Warrior, fight your best and enjoy the ride. Don’t get mad, get fun.

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